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RiR11 DR 4000
B 35 W 28 Blue Ivory Blue dress with ivory flowered fabric decorating waist, bodice, and sleeve cuffs. SS separate with velcro to create "torn" SS.

Price: $20.00

RiR11 DR 4001
B 46/43 W 38/48 Blue 2 piece dress--tank and overdress. Dress mock-buttons up front with large gold and white buttons. Patterned collar. LS.

Price: $20.00

RiR11 DR 6001
B 37 W 32 Brown Ivory Dress with mock ivory underblouse. Overdress is striped. Neckline is square. LS. A-line skirt

Price: $20.00

RiR11 SU 3000
B 38 W 42 W 30 (Skirt) Green Black 2 pc. Dress.Black and white stripped fabric trims neckline and waistband of skirt. Top buttons with black buttons.

Price: $25.00

RiR11 SU 6000
B 34 W 34 (Blouse) Brown Yellow peach Blouse is flowered and has cuffed LS, a peter pan collar, and brown buttons up front. W 26 (Skirt) Brown Yellow Skirt has brown pin-stripe. Flared.

Price: $20.00